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AET consistently conducts comprehensive Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Our client base encompasses property owners, buyers, residential and commercial developers, financial institutions, government agencies, medical facilities, industrial operators, attorneys, and real estate lenders. Through years of experience, we have refined an exceptionally efficient approach that not only reduces costs but also expedites the assessment process, ensuring timely execution. 


We provide a full suite of site assessment services to help clients make informed decisions about real estate assets by conducting all appropriate inquiries into the past or present uses of a property.

Our comprehensive Environmental Site Assessment reports include:

  • 50 Year Chain of Title (available upon request)

  • Topographical and Site Location Maps

  • Aerial Photographs

  • Color Photographs documenting Site Inspections

  • Regulatory Database Site Search

We strive for excellence in delivering thorough, reliable, and compliant assessments, consistently meeting the highest industry standards.

Our ESA Services Include

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Your one stop shop for
environmental consulting and engineering solutions.

The experts at AET excel in comprehensively evaluating environmental risks and assisting our clients in pinpointing impactful mitigation strategies. In the complex world of environmental hazards, we deliver clear-cut solutions that propel your project or transaction forward.

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