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In-House Remedial Construction, Operation & Maintenance

AET has extensive experience in remedial construction as well as the operation and maintenance of new and existing systems. We work on project of all levels including, state, federal, private, insurance, etc. 

If the contamination at a site proves to be minimal, we can provide and install a mobile/cyclical remediation system. Our mobile units are available in a range of capacities, so we can provide one that is ideally suited to each site’s individual requirements. If it is determined that a permanent system would be more appropriate, we will select and construct an economical and technically appropriate remedial system.

We have constructed, operated and maintained virtually every type of remedial system in use today. Based on our experience with system installations, we know what it takes to get one in operation in the shortest period of time. More importantly, we build remedial systems for reliability and ease of maintenance ensuring optimal efficiency until the target clean-up goals are met. Our staff strives to complete corrective action at every site with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Remedial Construction & Operation capabilities include:

  • Contaminated Soil Excavation

  • Monitor-only Plan Implementation

  • Remediation System Construction

    • Remediation System Management (Air Sampling, Groundwater Sampling, NPDES Sampling, System Optimization, Electrical Controls Troubleshooting, Regulatory Reporting)

    • System Operation & Maintenance

    • Removal of Outdated Equipment

    • On-Site Soil Treatment

U S T ready to be installed
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