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Soil & Groundwater Remediation

AET employs a broad range of remedial action strategies based on experience gained from countless remedial projects throughout the United States. We work on projects of all levels, such as private, state, federal, insurance and more. Our remediation philosophy recognizes the importance of an efficient and effective remedial strategy.

AET’s approach to remediation consists of a wide variety of technologies, resources, and strategies. We are highly experienced with conventional remediation techniques such as excavation and soil disposal, mechanical remediation, groundwater extraction and disposal/treatment, soil washing and chemical injection. In addition, our engineering professionals utilize innovative, state of the art remedial techniques including:

excavation at a site
  • Large Diameter Auger Excavation

  • Implementation of innovative remedial strategies

    • Enhanced Bio-remediation using HRC, ORC, Permeox, Super Collider Oxination, and Phoster II

    • Chemical Oxidation using hydrogen peroxide, sodium and potassium permanganate

  • Air Sparging with soil vapor extraction

  • Bio-sparging

  • Ozone injection

  • Multi-phase Extraction

  • ISOC Oxygen Diffusion

  • In-situ and Ex-situ Soil Treatment

Technicians using shovels to clean up a spill
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