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State Funded Work

Fuel Pump Nozzle with hand holding globe

AET has a multitude of experience with state funded work for petroleum contamination cleanup in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. AET has worked on over 5,000 different phases of projects in these various programs that include site assessments, remedial action plans, and operation and maintenance, post-remedial monitoring, etc.

These state funded projects constitute 65% of our active projects. Many of our employees have spent the majority of their careers working with these type of programs. Some of our staff members have even been employed as case managers and are now serving AET as branch or project managers. This understanding provides our clients with assurance and the confidence that AET’s personnel are working with their best interest in mind – while striving to reach site closure in the shortest timeframe possible. AET as a company has performed a multitude of Performance Based Cleanups (PBC) through lump sum contracts. These contracts have included storage tank removal, excavation of petroleum impacted soils, multi-story demolition projects and more. 

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