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Remedial System Install at the Site of a Former Fuel Station

Installation & Startup of a Remedial System Using AS, SVE, MPE Technologies



Cottondale, FL


State & Local


Remediation, Remedial Systems, Groundwater Sampling

Project Overview

In the wake of Advanced Environmental Technologies' (AET) Remedial Action Plan receiving approval, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) contracted AET to execute the installation and startup of a remediation system in Fort Cottondale, FL. The system, integrating air sparge (AS), soil vapor extraction (SVE), and multi-phase extraction (MPE) technologies, faced considerable challenges during installation. These challenges included complex lithology, various utility constraints, and resistance from the local municipality regarding the remedial system’s effluent discharge into the sanitary sewer, exacerbated by the site's occupation as residential uses.

Navigating through the permitting process unveiled the municipality's reluctance towards effluent discharges, necessitating a swift response from AET. An immediate adaptation strategy was devised, resulting in a modification of the Remedial Action Plan (RAPM) to incorporate deep underground injection of the recovered effluent. This modification, once approved, seamlessly integrated into the project's scope. AET, alongside our drilling subcontractor, successfully installed 11-system wells, including a 95-foot-deep injection well, utilizing specialized sonic drilling technology to combat the challenging lithology.

Post-well installation, extensive trenching, piping, and system connections spanning over 250 feet were meticulously executed by in-house personnel. Furthermore, to ensure security and safety, a fenced compound was erected to house the system. Subsequently, following extensive testing and utility connections, the system was placed into operation. Noteworthy is the inclusion of the first quarter of operation and maintenance activities within the project scope, all diligently carried out by in-house personnel.

Despite encountering financial constraints during project execution, necessitating the issuance of a new purchase order, AET's resilience and expertise prevailed. The successful installation and operationalization of the remediation system bore fruit in the form of significant contaminant reduction. Notably, the first quarter of operation resulted in a remarkable decrease in contaminant concentrations, coupled with the removal of over 24 pounds of petroleum contaminant mass from the subsurface. Additionally, the aerial extent of the contaminant plume witnessed a commendable reduction of over 60%, signifying a substantial environmental victory for the project and the community it serves.

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