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Advanced Environmental Technologies, an EIS company, stands out in its capacity to cater to clients across the Southeastern United States. At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to offering more than just services – we strive to be a proactive partner, actively engaging in problem-solving to meet the unique needs of each client within the private, public, and commercial sectors.

The AET Group, a conglomerate of companies with a collective history spanning over two decades in the environmental market, was established with the purpose of providing comprehensive solutions and superior customer service. Whether you are entering the industry, expanding your market presence, enhancing operational profitability, or divesting your interests, the AET Group stands ready as a unified force. With a focus on smoothing the complexities of environmental regulations, the AET Group is dedicated to ensuring your ventures in this field are navigated with precision and efficiency.

For assistance with your next project, or for further information about our services, call us at +1-800-989-8298 or contact us today.

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