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In our 20 year history, we have worked on thousands of projects throughout the Southeastern U.S. Our diverse portfolio is representative of our relentless focus on client satisfaction and aggressive protection of their interest.  Scroll through to see overviews of some of our notable projects.

Convenience Store - Montgomery, AL

Soil Delineation and Well Installation

March 07, 2013

There were three USTs (one 8,000, gallon and two 6,000 gallon) used to store gasoline on site. The presence of vapors and free product was observed in a sump during a Site Compliance Inspection in February 2010. Benzene concentrations were detected in the groundwater above the ADEM Initial Screening Levels (ISLs) during the PI. Therefore, a Secondary Investigation (SI) was initiated. Six additional monitoring wells were installed during the SI. Tri-annual groundwater sampling was initiated. In September 2012, a Risk Assessment was completed for the site and submitted to ADEM. The site specific target levels (SSTLs) calculated for the site was approved by ADEM in November 2012. In December 2012, AET collected groundwater samples at the site. Benzene levels were well below the SSTLs. In March 2013, all wells were abandoned and ADEM issued the site a “No Further Action” status.

Former Landfill - Tampa, FL

Site Development Potential Assessment

April 16, 2016

The site was a former mixed waste landfill that was subsequently used for a Work Release Program facility and is now a Florida Brownfield site. AET documented baseline conditions consisting of a concrete slab, paved parking, and fencing. An aerial reconnaissance of the site was conducted. AET identified jurisdictional boundaries, engineering and institutional controls, and Brownfield requirements that would impact potential development of the site. Finally, AET rendered a professional opinion as to the development potential for the site.

Public Works Division - Bushnell, FL

Soil / Groundwater Assessment & Remedial Action

April 28, 2016

On September 2010, approximately 180 gallons of unleaded fuel discharged, due to deteriorated flexible piping, and overflowed a dispenser liner and flowed into the storm water drain. AET completed site assessment and interim source removal activities by excavating 205.94 tons of petroleum impacted soil from under the dispenser island and drain field where storm drain discharges. From September 2013 to April 2016, AET completed remedial action via monthly air sparge and vapor extraction episodic events using AET owned system trailer. On January 2016, AET removed 57.4 tons of petroleum impacted soil after coordinating with SCPWD contractor after fueling system decommission and canopy demolition. On August 15, 2016, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) approved Post Active Remedial Monitoring (PARM)

Courthourse Square Park - Hillsborough County

Groundwater Sampling

June 15, 2016

AET was tasked to conduct supplemental site assessment with the collection of current groundwater samples.  Based on the current data, AET recommended not proceeding with the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) which detailed the installation of a passive biological injection system but rather proposed chemical injection.  A RAP Addendum was subsequently developed, submitted, and approved by the Department.  AET met with off-site owners and the client to discuss the remedial approach.  Between March 2014 and June 2016, AET completed two chemical injection events and conducted four Post-Active Remediation Monitoring (PARM) groundwater sampling events.  The June 2016 groundwater sampling event was the final field activities confirming the site met No Further Action.  Hillsborough County EPC concurred the site met NFA.

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