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In-Situ Chemical Injection at a Fuel Station

Remedial Action & In-Situ Chemical Injection



Ft. Walton Beach, FL




Remediation, Soil & Groundwater Assessment

Project Overview

Following approval of AET's Remedial Action Plan (RAP), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) enlisted AET to execute a groundwater remediation project in Fort Walton Beach, FL, targeting historical contamination from various discharges at a retail convenience store and fuel station. Adhering to the approved RAP, AET commenced baseline groundwater sampling across multiple wells to analyze petroleum constituents and underground injection control (UIC) parameters. Subsequently, AET, in collaboration with one of its primary drilling subcontractors, embarked on a meticulous five-day endeavor, injecting nearly 500 gallons of a carbon-based reagent via Direct Push Technology (DPT) into the subsurface, totaling over 13,000 gallons of solution. Despite challenges posed by a high-water table, the injection process at 28 locations was executed seamlessly with minimal daylighting.

To mitigate disruption to the store's operations, AET meticulously planned the staging of chemicals and equipment on-site, ensuring the safe continuation of business and fueling operations. By strategically shutting down one side of the dispenser area at a time, AET seamlessly orchestrated injection activities while maintaining security measures to uphold vehicular and pedestrian safety.

Following the injection phase and subsequent post-active remediation groundwater monitoring, significant progress has been observed, with petroleum constituents consistently falling below their respective cleanup target levels for multiple consecutive quarters. Notably, only one well registers UIC parameters slightly above the established background concentration, showcasing the efficacy of AET's remediation efforts and commitment to environmental stewardship.

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