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If environmental site assessments reveal further groundwater analysis is required, Advanced Environmental Technologies (AET) can oversee the installation of monitoring wells. Monitoring wells are used as an access point to the groundwater for the analysis of chemical, biological and/or physical properties of groundwater within an aquifer, as well as an evaluation of groundwater flow direction. Wells are often sampled at regular intervals (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually), as directed by local, state or federal regulatory agencies, to understand trends over time and to make decisions about necessary remedial actions.

AET collaborates with a specialized subcontract drilling firm for the precise installation of monitoring wells. Our dedicated AET personnel diligently oversee the drilling process, meticulously documenting each step to guarantee that the monitoring systems align with the specified design documents as well as local, state, and federal regulations. Every installation undergoes thorough review by a Professional Engineer or Professional Geologist, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.

There are three types of monitoring wells:

  • Individual monitoring wells, the most common type, have a single screen inside the borehole. 

  • Nested monitoring wells have two or more screens of different depths inside the same borehole. These wells are designed to obtain water from different water-bearing zones or aquifers.

  • Clustered monitoring wells are a group of individual monitoring wells situated near one another, but not in the same borehole, and are also designed to obtain water from different water-bearing zones or aquifers. 


In the course of our installation projects, AET personnel meticulously design groundwater monitoring wells to ensure the collection of accurate and representative data. Although the process of developing these wells may be time-consuming, it significantly minimizes the likelihood of detecting false-positives at our clients' facilities. Ensuring accuracy from the outset not only saves valuable time but also avoids unnecessary costs in the long run.

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