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Soil Delineation and Well Installation



Montgomery, AL




Soil & Groundwater Assessment, Monitoring Wells

Project Overview

There were three USTs (one 8,000, gallon and two 6,000 gallon) used to store gasoline on site. The presence of vapors and free product was observed in a sump during a Site Compliance Inspection in February 2010. Benzene concentrations were detected in the groundwater above the ADEM Initial Screening Levels (ISLs) during the PI. Therefore, a Secondary Investigation (SI) was initiated. Six additional monitoring wells were installed during the SI. Tri-annual groundwater sampling was initiated. In September 2012, a Risk Assessment was completed for the site and submitted to ADEM. The site specific target levels (SSTLs) calculated for the site was approved by ADEM in November 2012. In December 2012, AET collected groundwater samples at the site. Benzene levels were well below the SSTLs. In March 2013, all wells were abandoned and ADEM issued the site a “No Further Action” status.

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