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Public Works Division

Soil / Groundwater Assessment & Remedial Action



Bushnell, FL


State & Local


Soil & Groundwater Assessment, Remediation

Project Overview

On September 2010, approximately 180 gallons of unleaded fuel discharged, due to deteriorated flexible piping, and overflowed a dispenser liner and flowed into the storm water drain. AET completed site assessment and interim source removal activities by excavating 205.94 tons of petroleum impacted soil from under the dispenser island and drain field where storm drain discharges. From September 2013 to April 2016, AET completed remedial action via monthly air sparge and vapor extraction episodic events using AET owned system trailer. On January 2016, AET removed 57.4 tons of petroleum impacted soil after coordinating with SCPWD contractor after fueling system decommission and canopy demolition. On August 15, 2016, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) approved Post Active Remedial Monitoring (PARM).

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