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The AET Group & COVID-19

AET Group Business Plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spread

Our offices are open and business hours have not changed. However, we wanted to update you on the steps we are taking to safeguard our employees and clients during this stressful time.

Due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 and in order to assure the safe and healthful working conditions for our employees, the AET Group is implementing both internal and external procedures to limit potential exposure. These procedures have been put into place, effective immediately, until further notice.

Changes for Our Office Staff

  • Staff have switched their schedules to an "in office" rotation in order to limit the number of employees in the building at any given time with the majority working remotely.

  • Staff are limiting their face-to-face interactions with customers (while remaining at a safe distance) and utilizing phone and email methods of contact instead.

  • We have modified our daily cleaning procedures and are educating staff members on best practices as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Changes for Our Field Staff

  • Field staff have been advised to maintain a safe distance from the public while performing field activities. Efforts will be made to avoid areas experiencing increased COVID-19 activity.

  • Field staff have been directed to include a record of anyone that they come into close contact with on a job site (i.e. store manager, facility personnel, site inspectors, etc.) in their field notes.

  • Field staff are being provided disinfectant cleaning products to keep in their work vehicles. Trucks/equipment will be wiped down at the beginning and end of each day and intermittently, as needed.


With the inclusion of shifts and satellite operations, we are still maintaining all 4 of our office locations with normal business hours. We are closely monitoring the latest reports available and will keep you updated as we move forward if it appears there will be an unforeseen interruption in service.

As a group, we are banding together to respond appropriately to this pandemic and are continuously monitoring the latest reports on the outbreak. Should further changes to our normal operations become warranted, we will update our customers through email and/or by posting updates on our Facebook page.

At this time, we encourage our friends and clients to Be SAFE from coronavirus infection Be SMART & informed about the virus Be KIND & support one another

There will likely not be a more critical time in our country’s history to be diligent and follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC and your local authorities.

For the latest health advise, go to


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